Torre De Mariscos

fdf40abc-5041-482e-91d6-8aa2b8ef3a86Mardou well, she’s just a boho-beatnik-babe character from an old kerouac novel called the Subterraneans. She’s into jazz and being free spirited. Milpa or “Las tres hermanas” is how I epitomize a community should be. A Milpa is a crop growing system that includes (but not limited to) maize, beans and squash. These plants are nutritionally complimentary and feed off of one another to grow and yield for many milpa cycles to come! Just like a community they each rely on one another to grow. I find it appropriate to utilize those two names to describe the contents of myself and this food blog.

Community plays an ENORMOUS role in cooking. It unites people, stories are told, recipes are shared, hands of all ages and ethnicities are helping, senses are activated and memories are made. You create a bond with your food, you make a connection and you share a piece of yourself with someone where you might not find the words to convey and express emotionally. That is what I hope to do for all of you, share a piece of myself through my recipes in hopes that you will in turn try them at home or with friends & family. With that said lets get cooking! Continue reading